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ELDEN RING - World Map of The Between Lands

Elden Ring Map
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❤️Digital print of an illustration made by Andrés Aguirre Jurado @aaguirreart. It is a design made entirely by hand and ink and later scanned and edited digitally.

🎨 This illustration is the Map of "The Middle Lands" from the well-known video game "Elden Ring" by creator Hidetaka Miyazaki (FromSoftware), illustrated and reinvented entirely by Andrés Aguirre Jurado. The map has a very elaborate decoration with characters, beings and objects from the video game, among which you can find:
- Characters in the illustration: Márika, Godfrey, Radagon, Radahn, Blaidd, Ranni, LetMeSoloHer, Miquella, Malenia and Godrick
- Beings and races represented in the frame: Rennala, Ancient Dragons, Minotaurs, Golden Mask, the Frenzied Flame, Rykard, Knights of the Crucible, Trolls, the Fire Giant, Gurranq, the Sacroderm Duo, Astel, Flower of Red Rot, the Zampaheces and Alexander the jar with chiquitarro.

🏰 On the map you will also find the important elements of the world, as well as 7 illustrations of the main places such as: Leyndell, Storm Veil, Red Mane Castle, Lucaria Ray, Volcano Mansion, Hieratic Tree and Farum Azula.

All these illustrations and designs, plus many more objects and elements to discover on the map itself and in the illustrated frame.

🌟Launch Gifts no longer available.

🛍️ You can order your map in 4 formats:

- Special illustrated print printed on Caballo 109A Paper with parchment texture in size 42x30 cm (A3)

- Special illustrated print "The Curse of Malenia" printed with red background and decoration on Horse Paper 109A with parchment texture in size 42x30 cm (A3)

- Print made on high quality 300 gr/m2 paper in 2 sizes: 42x30 cm (A3), 30x21 cm (A4)

📜 Each illustration is signed by the artist on the back. All rights are reserved and are not transferred with purchase. The artist maintains these rights.