Illustrated maps!

Are you a fan of the great fantasy and animation sagas in the history of cinema and series?

Would you like to have your own hand-illustrated designs and maps in your home?

Well now you can! From now on you will be able to order a map made entirely by hand from an illustrator at a very reduced price.

With your order you will not only receive the illustrated A3 map of Middle Earth, but you can personalize it with one of the 5 most famous phrases from the movies!


The illustration shows the map of Middle Earth at the end of the Third Age, from the work of JRR Tolkien. This illustration is a new redesign of the original map.

The map shows the routes taken by the main characters in the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit books: Frodo's Route, Aragorn's Route, the Fellowship's Route and Thorin's Route.

This product is not a print, it is an original signed and numbered by the illustrator. It is designed on 250-gram, water-resistant "Caballo 109 A" paper.

How can you customize your map?

The Dwarven translation of one of the most famous dialogues from the Lord of the Rings films appears in the frame, and you can choose between the following:

PHRASE 1: "If with my life or my death I can protect you I will do it, count on my sword, and count on my bow, and with my axe"

PHRASE 2: "On this day, we will fight! For everything that your heart loves, in this good land, I call you to fight, Men of the West!"

PHRASE 3: "Ride, gallop, ride, until the desolation and the end of the world! Death! Death! Death!"

PHRASE 4: "Your dark fire is in vain, flame of Udún, return to the shadow, You cannot pass!... Run Fools!"

PHRASE 5: "It all began with the forging of the rings: 3 were given to the elves, 7 to the dwarf lords, and 9 were given to the race of men"