Illustrated maps!

Are you a fan of the great fantasy sagas of literature like the Mistborn saga?

Would you like to have your own custom-made, hand-illustrated designs and maps in your home?

Well now you can! From now on you will be able to order a map made entirely by hand from an illustrator at a very reduced price.

With your order you will receive the A3 map of the Final Empire illustrated completely by hand!

What will you find?

The illustration shows the map of the Final Empire present in the "Mistborn" book series by writer Brandon Sanderson. This illustration is a new and proper redesign of the original map.

The 5 most iconic places in this world are represented on the map: Luthadel, Urteau, Fadrex City, Tathingdwen and the Convent of Seran, as well as all the volcanoes, the supply caverns and all the domains.

In the decoration you will find the symbols of "Atium", "Lerasium" and "Armonium", as well as objects that represent the powers of "Allomancy", "Hemalurgy" and "Feruchymy".

Data and price

This product is not a print, it is an original signed and numbered by the illustrator. It is designed on 250-gram, water-resistant "Caballo 109 A" paper. The design illustrated will be similar to the one below and cannot be modified.

The illustrated map will be made to order and on demand at a reduced price of 74.95 EUR. To order it you can contact me at email: or on my Instagram: @aaguirreart.

I only accept 5 orders per month!


This illustration is an UNOFFICIAL FanArt map, based on the original owned by Dragonsteel, LLC. I, as an illustrator, have permission to accept personal commissions of my own design.