Pleased to meet you!

My name is Andrés Aguirre Jurado, I am a Valencian architect and illustrator, and if you are reading this it is because you would like to know something more about me.

I am a graduate of the Master of Architecture from the Polytechnic University of Valencia; I am not currently practicing this profession since another of my passions called me a while ago... illustration!

I began to illustrate seriously during the year I lived in Rome, designing the places and buildings of this city and those places I visited during my year there.

Five years ago I decided to open my first online store and start selling my own illustrations, and after a few months, this became a fundamental part of my project.


A year later, my great friend Juan Mendoza hired me to illustrate his first novel, "Memorias de Nâgar." That moment was another turning point in my professional career, since since then I have continued working for both independent writers and publishers.

Today, and after two years illustrating novels, I have been able to work for a total of 68 writers, in a total of more than 120 books.

Charlotte Murphy, Jez Cajiao, Rolly Haacht, Katrina N. Lewis, Victoria J. Price, Ana R. Rovic and the incredible Noemí C. and Mireia G. are some of the people who have trusted my work, and continue to do so every day. from today.

I have also been able to work for publishers such as Munyx Editorial, Roomie Ediciones, Editorial Planeta, Valhalla Ediciones, Akane Editorial, DNX Libros and Naufragio de Letras.


If you like my work and would like an illustration or map for your project, you can click below!

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Just as illustrating novels and projects is a fundamental part of my work, another equally important part for me is my own illustrations and designs.

Since I launched my first store, I have made designs for many movies, series, books and worlds that I love.

From movies like Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings or The Nightmare Before Christmas; going through series like Game of Thrones, Vikings and The Witcher; to animes like Attack on Titan or Studio Ghibli. These are some of the genres that I have illustrated and that you can find in my store.

Last but not least, the themed boxes! Boxes designed entirely by me, and prepared by my partner Nerea Cárdeno.

And that have been all! Now you know me a little more! You can find more designs and my work processes on my Instagram @aaguirreart.


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